ARC Review: Song of Silver, Flame like Night

Lan has a reminder of the worst day of her life on her wrist. There, on her skin, is a strange symbol that only she can see, and one that was left by her mother right as she was murdered before Lan’s eyes, murdered by the very invaders Lan is forced to sing for now. They came to her land, with their metal magic and their light eyes and hair, and killed anyone who stood against them. But when trying to find out what the mark on her wrist means brings Lan in contact with a young man who can not only see the mark but is also a practitioner, able to wield energy, Lan is suddenly involved in something much bigger than she could have imagined. What exactly did her mother do to leave her with this mark? Why is Lan able to control energy herself? And, more importantly, why is the most powerful invader magician trying to kill Lan?

I received an advanced reading copy of Song of Silver, Flame like Night in exchange for an honest review.

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ARC Review: Red Tigress

Ana’s brother is dead. With her aunt Morganya taking the throne and beginning her reign in a shower of blood, Ana finds herself in need of help to stop her. But how to defeat someone who seems to hold all the power, especially when there’s whispers of a powerful weapon that she’s searching for? Ana has to partner with the dashing Ramson once again and travel to the kingdom of Bregon, in the hopes of securing an alliance that will save her and her people’s lives.

I received an advanced reading copy of Red Tigress in exchange for an honest review.

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ARC Review: Blood Heir

Ana has been hiding her secret in a world that both fears and wants to control her. Ana is an Affinite, one of the people of her world who has powers, abilities. Only her Affinity is much more sinister than most: she has control over blood. This Affinity changed her life, and not for the better. But when her father, the emperor, is murdered, and she’s blamed for the crime, she has to find a way to clear her name. She has to prove that she’s innocent, that her Affinity does not control her, all while escaping from the people who desperately want to use her powers for themselves.

I got an advanced reading copy of Blood Heir in exchange for an honest review.

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