Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Steph, as you might have noticed, and I’m a Latinx girl who’s basically obsessed with books and stories. I have a career in publishing, I studied publishing as a Master’s, I’m a writer and an avid reader and writer. I have started this blog to share all sorts of book-related information with the world! From stuff I learn about at work, to personal experience, to book reviews, and even to writing advice! You’ll find it all here!

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Review Policy:

Every review posted on this blog is my opinion, and my opinion only. I do work for a publisher, but none of my reviews are either endorsed nor read by said publisher. I also do not review any books I have personally worked on.

I try to be completely unbiased, and only review books that I have finished in their entirety. To read more about how I write book reviews, visit this blog post.

ARC reviews are usually posted between one month to two weeks before the book’s publication. However, I am up to my eyes in ARCs, so this may vary depending on how quickly I can get to it.

I am always open to review requests via my Contact form, but before contacting me, please be sure to check out my Reviews page to see what kinds of books I usually review. Please try to stick to the genres I generally read. For example, I will almost always reject any horror book requests, as I don’t tolerate horror well.

I do sometimes write negative reviews, and you can find a number of them on my site. I always try to find things I both like and dislike in each book, so please be sure you are OK with that kind of review written about your book before contacting me.