Mid-2019 Resolutions Update

The year is now half over. I guess I should let you guys know how I’m doing with my resolutions so far!

I set myself four resolutions at the beginning of this year. The first one was to revise the whole book I finished writing in 2018. I’m not sure if I did this as well as I could have, but I do know that I succeeded. It took me four months, but I have a whole second draft of my novel now, and it’s currently being read by some people who are familiar with publishing (and also my mom). Once I get their comments back, I’ll be revising it again, but I was successful at revising it once already! So, first resolution, checked off!

My second resolution for this year was to write the book I wrote the outline for in 2018. At the beginning of this month, I achieved this goal. This was the second novel I’ve ever written, and it was a huge achievement to finally have a story that had been swimming around in my head since high school finally put to paper. Of course, right now I’ve only got a first draft and this will need to be revised, but I wanted to give myself a month before touching it again. I’ll probably be picking it up very soon, though.

My third resolution was to outline another book that I’ve been thinking about. I have actually started working on this one too! When I finished the first draft of my second novel, I began working this out. So far, my outline is not that great, but I’m hoping to refine it a little later once I have some basic ideas and scenes jotted down. But I’ve at least started work on it, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish it by the end of the year.

My fourth and last resolution was to read ten books from the 300 list. And I’m proud to say that so far this year, I’ve read five: Good Omens, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, American Gods, and Catch-22. I’ve just borrowed Of Mice and Men from the library, so I’ll probably be adding that to the list fairly soon!

I’m pretty proud of how my resolutions are going so far. I’ve achieved about two and a half! That means that for the next half of the year, I’ve only got to read five more books, as well as finish outlining that book. I think I’ll be able to succeed, but of course I’ll be giving you an update near the end of the year.

How are your own 2019 resolutions going so far? Any progress? Let me know in the comments!


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