New Uglies Novels!

Do you guys remember the Uglies series? Well, there’s going to be more!

These were a series of books, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras. Written by Scott Westerfeld back in the early 2000’s (the first novel came out in 2005, over ten years ago!), these books were an iconic part of so many people’s lives. I remember reading them back in middle school, and describing them to my parents. They were probably my first entry into post-apocalyptic literature, and what originally got me interested into those and sci-fi.

But, enough about that. We’re getting new books! Four more books to be exact! Scott Westerfeld announced it on his blog, along with a hilarious Q&A he did with himself and a pretty great book trailer.

The first book comes out in September. Only a few more months to go! I can’t wait!


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