Reading Sequels

Recently I’ve found myself reading lots of sequels, and when reading those, there’s always a big question to ask: to re-read or not to re-read?

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Review: The Night Tiger

All Ji Lin wants to do is to pay off her mother’s mahjong debts, and since her stepfather won’t let her get a job at the hospital, she’s been working in a dance hall. But then one day, she finds a finger in one of her client’s pockets.

Ren’s master has just died, but not before extracting a promise from him, a promise that Ren will find his missing finger and bury it with him, before the days or mourning are over.

Ji Lin and Ren are about to find that there’s more than a finger tying their stories together, and that something darker is going on. Continue reading “Review: The Night Tiger”


Review: The Star-Touched Queen

When Maya was born, the Stars foretold that she would end up in a marriage of death and destruction. Despite being one of the Raja’s daughters, she is ostracized by the other women at court, her dark fate a cloud hanging over her head. But one day, Amar shows up, not caring about her fate, promising to give her the world. But what are the secrets he is keeping in this kingdom he’s taken her to?

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Review: Flamecaster

Ash is seeking revenge. After losing so much to the king of Arden, he swears to do anything in his power to make sure that the king pays for what he’s done, no matter how long it takes.

Jenna grew up in a mining town, just another poor girl. The only difference is that she has a mark on her neck, one with an unknown meaning. The king of Arden killed her best friend, and now she’s joined the Patriots, who will ruin the king’s efforts in the war every chance they get.

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ARC Review: The Babysitters Coven

Esme has little to enjoy about her life. With her mother locked away, as well as having to struggle through high school, there’s not a lot to look forward to. Except for the Babysitters Club which she founded with her friend Janis. Babysitting is one thing Esme is good at, and it’s something she enjoys. But when a new girl named Cassandra arrives in the small town and wants to join the club, everything changes. Suddenly, Esme is thrown into a world of magic and darkness, and realizes that the Babysitters Club she founded has more to take care of than just children.

I got an ARC of The Babysitters Coven in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Warrior of the Wild

Rasmira has been trained for most of her life to be a warrior. She’s fought with the strongest of them, and is considered to be the best. But when she is betrayed and exiled from her village, the only condition for her return is killing the god that has oppressed them for years. Rasmira must now overcome the odds and figure out how to do the impossible: kill an immortal. Continue reading “Review: Warrior of the Wild”