Review: Squire

Against all odds, Kel made it to be a squire. Now all she needs is a knight to take her on. When Sir Raoul of Goldenlake asks her to be his squire, Kel is shocked but takes it gratefully. Under his tutelage, she begins to learn more about what a knight really does, and, more specifically, what choices a commander makes. There’s still a few major hurdles to get through before she’s a full knight, though. She has a lot to learn, a lot to teach others, and to get through the Ordeal. Kel knows she’s up to the challenge, though, and she’s willing to prove wrong all those who said she couldn’t do it.

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Review: Page

Kel survived her first year of being on probation and is now an ordinary page. Or, at least, she’s as ordinary as she can be, given that she’s still the only girl among all the others. But even after a year of Kel trying to teach the bullies a lesson, they still haven’t let up. Now that Kel is older, she knows she has even more of a responsibility to protect the younger pages, as well as those who can’t protect themselves. Besides accomplishing that, she has to prepare herself for her final tests, which will determine whether she can be a squire. With so many people rooting against her, can she prove them wrong and show them that a woman can do anything a man can?

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Review: Trouble the Saints

Phyllis has a gift. She has saints’ hands, which grant her an uncanny ability with knives. Ever since she was young, she put that gift to good use as an avenging angel. Working for one of New York’s top mob bosses, she used to seek out his enemies, those guilty of sin, and finish them off. But lately, she hasn’t been able to kill anymore. Her hands want to continue doing the bloody work, but her heart is no longer in it. What can an assassin do when she can no longer stomach the sight of blood?

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Review: First Test

It’s been ten years since Alanna the Lioness made it possible for women to become knights. But since then, no girl has tried out and become a page. Until Keladry of Mindelan comes along! Kel knows being the first girl to be a page (without hiding it) is not going to be easy, but she never expected that she’d be on probation, or that the hazing of the pages would be that rough. But Kel has never been someone to shy from a fight, or to let the strong beat the weak. She’s determined to make a change and prove that she’s good enough to be a knight.

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Review: Dealing in Dreams

Chief Rocka used to be Nalah, back when she had a sister, a mother, a father. But now she’s Chief Rocka, leader of a gang, where they all look out for each other and fight other gangs for a coveted position in the Towers, the only decent place to live in Mega City. When the head of Mega City asks Rocka’s gang, Las Mal Criadas, to investigate a group existing outside of the city, Rocka knows that this is their one chance to get into the Towers. But is this group really as evil as they sound? Or are they just threatening to Mega City’s way of life?

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Review: A Conjuring of Light

Kell has been captured and taken to White London, where he’s to be the perfect vessel for the magic that has already destroyed one whole world. If he gives in, his brother dies, and so does the world of Red London. Lila isn’t one to give up, though, and she plans to get him back. But she never expected that saving Kell wouldn’t fix the problem, and soon they’d find themselves battling to save every world in existence.

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Review: We Set the Dark on Fire

The island of Medio is governed by a few strict rules. Those beyond the wall are to be kept out, no matter what. The closer you live to the wall, the lower social standing you have. The most powerful men on the island have two wives, a Primera and a Segunda.

Dani has been training to be a Primera her whole life, and is now the best student at the Medio School for Girls. As the top student, she’s guaranteed a husband in the highest ranks of society. Everything she’s ever worked for is about to come true. But Dani has a secret, one that would destroy her and her family if it were ever found out: she was born beyond the wall, and only made it inside illegally. Her papers, her past, even her persona, everything is fake. When a resistance group reaches out to her, threatening to expose her unless she spies for them, Dani is caught in the middle of a battle she never wanted to be a part of. Is her secret worth putting her life in danger?

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Review: Hitler’s Canary

Bamse is an average boy. He loves seeing his mother in her acting performances, and he admires his father’s art. He lives in Denmark and loves to spend time with his friend, Anton. But when Nazis invade his country, his life is turned upside down. Suddenly, his brother Orlando is standing up and joining the resistance, his friend Anton is in danger for being Jewish, and his sister is keeping secrets. Bamse has to make a choice: he can follow his father’s advice and do nothing, or join his brother and resist.

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Review: White Rose

Sophie is tired of living under Hitler. Every day, she hears of new atrocities Germany has committed, against other countries, against Jews, against its own citizens. Every day, the anger in her grows, until she can’t just sit by any longer. With a group of close friends and her brother, they decide to do the one thing everyone around them is too scared to do: to speak out.

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ARC Review: Between the Bliss and Me

Sydney is just an average girl. Sure, she has a very overprotective mom, but soon, Sydney will be going to NYU and finally living on her own for the first time. For now, she just has to figure out a way to enjoy her summer, especially since her mom isn’t too thrilled about her leaving the nest. Sydney wonders if it may have something to do with her father, who left when she was only three years old. But Sydney isn’t him! How can Sydney prove to her mother that she and her dad are two different people?

I received an advanced reading copy of Between the Bliss and Me in exchange for an honest review.

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