Review: Vampires Never Get Old

I don’t often read short stories, but with a collection with as many fantastic authors as this, and including lots of vampires to boot, I knew I had to check out Vampires Never Get Old! Oh yeah, and I heard that there was a show based on one of the short stories here, so that definitely helped!

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Review: Beasts of Prey

The world of Lkossa used to be filled with splendor, with magic. Unfortunately, since the Rupture, the world is much darker now. Koffi lives in this ruptured world, and she helps tend to all sorts of creatures in the Night Zoo. But when her fury causes a flame to light most of the circus on fire, she is nearly drowned in debt and promises the owner one way to save herself and her mother: she will capture the Shetani, the most fearsome beast of all, and bring it to him to display.

Ekon has been training to be one of the Sons of the Six since he was just a little kid, and he’s only one test away from becoming a full-fledged warrior. But when one mistake costs him the job he’s always dreamed about, he knows he’s going to have to do something big to get back into the Sons of the Six’s good graces: kill the Shetani, and bring back proof.

When fate throws both Koffi and Ekon together, they’ll have to venture into the dangerous jungle, where bodies are found almost daily, and find the fearsome beast that fuels the nightmares of the land. Will they succeed?

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TV Series Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

I read The Time Traveler’s Wife for the first time last year. I’d heard it was a classic, and it was even on one of the lists of “books you have to read at least once.” I think there was even a movie about it! But now there was a show, and since I’d read the book fairly recently, I thought it would be fun to check it out, and see whether it was any good!

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Review: We Unleash the Merciless Storm

Carmen may never forgive herself. For so long, she’s been the perfect spy: calculating and strategic. Of course, all of that went out the window when she fell in love with Dani. It all went wrong when, after a failed attack by the rebel group La Voz, Carmen was forced to reveal her role within La Voz, and how she had to leave. Now, Carmen is back with La Voz, but the group has changed since she’s been away. Something is wrong within their ranks, and what’s even worse, they believe Dani has betrayed them and plan on killing her. Carmen must flee from the people she’d grown to love as her family and head back to the place where she’s being hunted down, all to save Dani, who might not forgive her for her actions.

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Review: Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality

Aru and the other Pandavas have been betrayed. Not just that, but they’ve also lost their godly weapons. The Sleeper knows this and is taking advantage of it, choosing to strike now and steal the nectar of immortality for himself. And he’s doing this with the help of Kara, Aru’s sister. The Pandavas have never been so low, but even now, they refuse to give up. They know every odd is stacked against them, but they at least still have to try. After all, they are heroines.

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Review: Aru Shah and the City of Gold

Aru has been kidnapped by her dad, the Sleeper. When she wakes up in a room, next to a girl who also claims to be the Sleeper’s daughter, she can’t help but be confused. Does this mean that, in addition to having her Pandava sisters, she also has a genetic sister? But why didn’t Aru know about her? The girl introduces herself as Kara and promises to free Aru in exchange for being able to leave with her. While Aru is initially reluctant, she eventually accepts. Upon returning home, Aru learns that the Sleeper’s army is getting close to attacking, and if the Pandavas want to have any chance of beating him, they have to take control of their own godly army. Unfortunately, to do so they have to complete several complicated challenges, and this time, the only help they have is Kara.

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Movie Review: Firestarter

A new movie came out based on a Stephen King book, and while I chickened out of watching the last Stephen King movie adaptation (that I even read the book in preparation for!) I decided that I would definitely watch this one. It really helped, I think, that while Firestarter is still Stephen King, it’s not the kind of book that makes me literally scream and throw my phone at the floor when it buzzes and startles me (like Pet Sematary did). So, I checked out both the book and movie! What did I think?

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Review: Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

Aru and her friends are on yet another quest: this one to protect a prophecy and make sure the Sleeper and his agents don’t hear what it is. But when she and the other Pandavas fail, and learn that the twins carrying the prophecy are two other Pandavas, the world is once more in danger. The Pandavas have been set aside after their failure, and yet Aru knows that only they can solve the prophecy before the Sleeper does. But as they begin solving the different clues, one line in particular nags at Aru. The prophecy speaks of a betrayal, but who will turn against them?

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Review: Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Aru and Mini managed to save time, but unfortunately, they can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Only a short time after saving the world, Aru is accused of stealing a magic bow from one of the gods, a bow with the ability to control people. Men are beginning to vanish from the world, and whoever has the bow is to blame. If Aru and Mini, and a few of their new companions, don’t find the bow within ten days, they’ll lose their memories of being Pandavas, and lose their connection to their heritage. Will they succeed?

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