Review: Wicked Saints

The countries Kalyazin and Tranavia have been at war for a long time, ever since Tranavia turned away from the gods and started using blood magic instead. Nadya has spent her entire life in a monastery in Kalyazin, the last of the clerics, one who can talk to the gods and channel their magic through her. Serafin is the crown prince of Tranavia, and one of the greatest blood mages in his country. When their paths cross, both of their lives will change forever.

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Review: Dragon Pearl

Min lives on a planet that was never completely terraformed. Living on the planet is tricky, especially as she lives with her many aunts and cousins, forced to do chores from sun-up to sun-down. In addition to this is the effort to try to appear human when she is not. She’s actually a Fox, descended from a long line of these magical creatures and possessing certain abilities. And when she finds out her brother is accused of deserting his post, Min knows he would never do it without good reason. Min must use her powers to find the real reason her brother has disappeared, and discover what connection, if any, it had to the Dragon Pearl. Continue reading “Review: Dragon Pearl”


Review: Once & Future

Ari has been in hiding almost her whole life. With nobody but her brother Kay to watch her back ever since their mothers were arrested, she travels on Error, trying to avoid capture by the Mercer Company. But when she finds a sword in a tree and a gangly boy shows up claiming to be Merlin, she realizes that the universe is much crazier than she ever expected.

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