Review: The Poet X

Xiomara has so many voices in her life: she has her mother, telling her how to be a good Latina daughter. She has her priest, telling her how to be a good religious girl. She has the men in the street, telling her how to be a sexy woman when she’s barely fifteen. But what about her own voice? Often, Xiomara doesn’t feel like anyone is listening to her, so she locks all of her emotions up in the poetry she writes in her notebook, hiding her own voice away where it won’t bother anybody in her life. But when she’s invited to a slam poetry club school, will she be brave enough to finally speak her truth? Continue reading “Review: The Poet X”


TV Series Review: Get Even

Netflix recently has been churning these out! I feel like I hardly have time to read one book before another show based on another comes out! It’s been hard to keep up, and I know this show has been out for a while, but I finally had time to watch it. And, what did I think? Continue reading “TV Series Review: Get Even”


ARC Review: The Captive Kingdom

When Jaron’s ship is captured, he thinks this is yet another time he’s going to have to get himself out of a tight spot. But when he starts hearing rumors that his brother, Darius, might be alive, and might be the true heir to the Carthyan throne, he knows everything is about to change. Is this actually his brother, or an impostor who means to take the throne from him? And why has he made an alliance with those who took Jaron captive?

I received an advanced reading copy of The Captive Kingdom in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: A Song Below Water

Tavia and Effie might not be sisters by blood, but they’re sisters in heart. Tavia is a siren, forced to hide her voice and her identity to keep herself alive, while Effie is the only survivor of a bizarre sprite attack from when she was a child. They’re a strange pair, but they think they can face anything together. But when a man suspected of killing a siren goes free, and strange things are happening in Portland, the girls find that their world is changing much faster than either of them had ever expected.

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Review: Ascendant

Astrid’s accepted her destiny: she’s a unicorn hunter, and there’s not much she can do to change that. But when she gets a job with Gordian, a job where she has to watch their captive unicorns instead of hunting them down, she realizes that there might be some hope for a semi-normal life after all. Or, at least, until it gets torn away from her again.

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Review: The Shadow Throne

Carthya is surrounded: the armies of three different countries attacking at every border. And, worse than that, Imogen has been captured by the enemy. Facing a greater threat than ever before, Jaron has to prove that he’s still just as daring and cunning as ever, and somehow find a way to save his country from the greatest danger it’s ever faced. Will he and all his friends make it through alive? Continue reading “Review: The Shadow Throne”


Review: Rampant

Astrid has always thought her mother was insane, telling stories of killer unicorns and the powerful women who hunted them. All of those stories seem like figments of her mother’s imagination, but when Astrid and her boyfriend are attacked and almost killed by an actual unicorn, she has no choice but to believe. Soon, she finds herself in a school, training to be like the huntresses of old, fighting a war that has lasted for centuries. Continue reading “Review: Rampant”


Review: The Runaway King

Jaron is now the rightful king of Carthya, but he thinks he’ll never be able to fill the shoes of ruler. But when Roden returns and gives him the message that he’s joined the pirates and that they will be coming for Jaron, and for all of Carthya, Jaron has to act. Nobody at court trusts or believes him, so Jaron has to prove them wrong and defend his country by himself. Can Jaron single-handedly defeat the pirates and their pirate king? Continue reading “Review: The Runaway King”