Review: Bloodhound

Beka is now a Dog. Having graduated from a Puppy with a knack for finding trouble, now Beka guards the streets with her partner. Or, at least, she would if they could assign her a partner who sticks around for more than a few weeks. But when Beka and her old mentors begin to hear about counterfeit silver coins making their way into the city, coming from one of the port towns, it’s time to investigate. Beka is partnered with her mentor Clary, and the Hunt begins. They must find out who is behind the fake silver and capture them, before inflation takes over the whole kingdom and sinks them forever.

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Review: Terrier

Beka Cooper is a Provost’s Dog, one of the many guards who take care of the city of Corus. If anyone dares step out of line, Beka and the other Dogs are there to get justice. Beka is still learning, though, new to the job and considered a Puppy, but she’s got an edge not too many others have. Beka can hear the spirits of the dead that fly around the city on pigeon wings. Her magic might be strange, but one thing is for sure, it’s never going to stop making life interesting!

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ARC Review: Seven Faceless Saints

Ombrazia is supposedly blessed by the saints, or, at least, six of them. The six granted some of the people living there powers, whether they be powers over strength, healing, metal, or something else. Those with power are considered valuable, honored, and granted everything they could ever wish for. For the powerless, though, it’s a different story. Forced to fight in a war that’s older than they are, the powerless know that there’s little they can count on, other than dying. And it’s no longer just dying in the war. Someone is walking the streets of Ombrazia, murdering innocents for seemingly no reason.

When the murders reach one of those blessed by the saints, Damian, who has no powers, is assigned to investigate. Should he not find the culprit, he will be sent back to the front, a place he still has nightmares about. Roz, who used to be Damian’s childhood friend but now holds nothing but hatred for him, is investigating too. While she showed powers a bit later in life, it wasn’t before she lost her father to war, and pledged herself to the cause of the Rebellion. Her own goal in finding the murderer is to bring him to justice, and help protect those who are left to fend for themselves.

Damian and Roz will have to team up to find the murderer, before it’s too late.

I received an advanced reading copy of Seven Faceless Saints in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Within These Wicked Walls

Andromeda, or Andi, is a debtera. She cleanses places and people of evil, whether that be spirits, bad luck, or worst of all, the Evil Eye. Unfortunately, she was kicked out before she could get certified, and now she’s desperate for a patron. Luckily, a young man named Magnus Rochester is desperate to be cleansed after having been trapped by the Evil Eye in his manor for years, and while this might be the most dangerous job that Andi has ever done or will ever do, she knows it’s her only chance to become a real debtera.

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ARC Review: Sorry, Bro

Nareh is pretty much living her father’s dream. She’s a reporter of a local news station, dating a white tech bro, and has basically set her Armenian side behind her. But when said white tech bro proposes to her and Nareh panics, realizing that something about it all doesn’t feel right, Nareh decides to make some changes. Finally, she takes her mother’s advice, and begins attending local events for Armenians with the intention of meeting a nice Armenian man for a change. But instead, the one to catch Nareh’s eye is Erebuni, a woman who put many of these events together. Nareh’s head and heart go to battle, as she is forced to really get to know who she is, rather than who she’s been trying to be all this time.

I received an advanced reading copy of Sorry, Bro in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: The Dragon Reborn

Rand is the Dragon, and is now being proclaimed throughout the land. Not everyone believes it, but for each who does, they only make it much more difficult for Rand and those who support him. Perrin is one of those, even as he struggles with his newfound life of a warrior, and longs for his past as a blacksmith. Mat is another, who has sickened by an evil blade, and as he awakes, finds himself bound yet again, but this time to another cause. Egwene and Nynaeve might have been through torture in their last capture, but now they are eager to find the woman who put them there, and get their revenge.

Slowly the threads are beginning to converge, and unfortunately destiny is a strong mistress, and she will take everyone whose fate is bound to Rand’s.

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ARC Review: Spice Road

Imani lives in a secret land, one that she and others are sworn to guard in exchange for the magic they are granted. And while Imani is loyal to her people, and wants nothing more than to guard them, her heart is broken after the disappearance of her older brother. Rumors are that he took too much of the misra tea that grants them their abilities and became magically obsessed, but Imani doesn’t want to believe that. And when she runs into a djinn in the desert who tells her that her brother is still very much alive and in a world beyond the secret sands, Imani is shocked. She was always told that there was nothing outside of their little world, and knowing that her brother has betrayed their magic is a lot. But now, her goal has become to bring her brother back home and prove all the rumors wrong. To put the world back as it was, and pretend nothing ever happened.

I received an advanced reading copy of Spice Road in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Wilder Girls

Over a year ago, the Tox invaded the Raxter School for Girls. This disease affected everyone differently, killing some, but for the survivors, they found their bodies changing in ways both horrific and fascinating. And painful.

Isolated on their island, the school depends on the scientists and army on the mainland to send them food and other necessities. Barely eking out a living, they wait for the day the scientists discover a cure. Hopefully before the Tox fully takes them over.

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