ARC Review: Shielded

Jenna is a princess, second in line to the throne of Hálendi. She’s also, although she’s never told anybody, one of the few royals who’ve inherited magic. Keeping her secret is the most important thing she’s ever done. She knows that if others were to find out, it might put her brother, the prince, in danger. Keeping her secret suddenly becomes much easier when she’s told she’s to marry the heir from the neighboring kingdom, an action necessary to secure troops for the Hálendian border. Magic is threatening to invade their kingdom, and only Jenna’s marriage can prevent it. But when her caravan is ambushed on the way to the neighboring kingdom, Jenna realizes that it’s more than attacks at the borders. Magic is threatening their entire land, and only she can stop it.

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Movie Review: Artemis Fowl

Last year I heard that Disney was adapting the Artemis Fowl series and turning it into a movie. I was pretty excited, since while I’d never read the series, I’d heard a lot about it. So I put it on my TBR and waited for the movie release date. Continue reading “Movie Review: Artemis Fowl”


Review: Truthwitch

Safiya and Iseult know that, no matter what happens, they can always count on each other. So even when an attempt at highway robbery goes wrong, they have faith that together, they can get through it. But when a Bloodwitch, able to track people, realizes that Safi is a Truthwitch, with the coveted and rare magic of being able to discern truth from lies, their lives are about to get a lot more complicated. Now, with dozens of people on their tail, Safi and Iseult have to find a way to escape, to keep Safi’s secret, and to stay together, no matter what. Continue reading “Review: Truthwitch”


Review: The Storyspinner

Johanna is a Performer, part of a traveling troupe that performs all over Santarem. But when her father dies in an accident, Johanna and her family find themselves cast out and forced to fend for themselves. A strange encounter with the future Duke of Santiago, Rafi, and his brother, adds more change to her life. And suddenly Johanna finds herself mixed up in something much bigger than she’d ever expected.

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ARC Review: Unravel the Dusk

Maia has achieved the impossible. She was able to create dresses out of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, bringing their light into actual cloth and turning them into clothing. But this didn’t come without a great cost. With her country still on the brink of war, Maia must find a way to protect the people she loves, all while battling the demon that now lives inside her, the demon that came as a result of a deal she made. Can she overcome the darkness inside, and save her country from another devastating war?

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Review: The Rhythm Section

Stephanie Patrick was just an average, stubborn teenage, until almost her entire family died in an airplane crash. Ever since then, she’s been on a downward spiral, turning to drugs, prostitution, and any other way she can to block out the emotions, to keep herself from feeling. But when a journalist comes to her and reveals that the plane crash was actually caused by a bomb, she will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants the most: revenge.

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