Review: Shatter City

Frey has made her way into the role she was always meant for: pretending to be her twin sister Rafia. Now, however, nobody knows that she’s the stand-in, while her sister has escaped with the rebels and is pretending to be her. Frey has no intention of remaining under her father’s thumb for long, though. She knows that to save herself and Col, there is only one course of action she can take: she has to kill her father. But before she can do that, she has to reunite with her sister, as well as save a city full of innocent people, people with the ability to control their emotions with the touch of a button.

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Tara Sim at Porter Square Books

Tara Sim initially blew me away with her Timekeeper Trilogy. I’d never heard of her before the Boston Teen Author festival a few years ago, but when she talked about the concept of her novels, I knew I had to get my hands on them. After finishing the Timekeeper Trilogy, I heard about Sim’s newest book, Scavenge the Stars, and when I saw she was coming to Porter Square Books, I knew I had to go!

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Review: Four Dead Queens

For many years, Quadara has been at peace. The four queens who rule it lead with strong hands, and keep their regions separate. Keralie is one of their subjects, albeit a bit of a criminal one. She’s the best thief in the land, able to swipe anything from anyone. But when one day she steals something that is much more dangerous than the average bauble, she finds herself entangled in a plot against the crowns and at the center of a mystery: the mystery of the four dead queens.

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Review: The Kiss of Deception

Lia is the princess of her country, engaged to the prince of a neighboring country, a prince she’s never met, all for an alliance she doesn’t care about. Making the choice to take her life back is not an easy one, but Lia chooses to run away to find someone she can truly love. This sets off unrest in the kingdoms, and both a prince and an assassin are both chasing after her. Can Lia keep herself hidden? And, more importantly, can she find love?

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