ARC Review: Why We Fly

Eleanor and Chanel are best friends who have the same dream: all they want is to be amazing cheerleaders. But Eleanor is still recovering from an injury that benched her last season, and all Chanel wants is to be team captain. But when Chanel doesn’t make team captain, and Eleanor starts hanging out with a new guy, their friendship starts to pull them apart. Their friendship is only put under more strain when their team takes a knee against racism, and the administration takes action against them. Can they save their friendship and make a difference?

I received an advanced reading copy of Why We Fly in exchange for an honest review.

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ARC Review: The Seventh Queen

For just one moment, Askia had thought that she’d be able to save the people of her conquered kingdom. For a single glorious moment, Askia had thought that marrying the emperor of one of the largest territories in the world would be able to save her as she stood against another emperor, one who only wanted her for her power. But that moment was destroyed when Radovan killed her husband and left the empire in turmoil. Now, Askia is a captive of Radovan, the seventh in a long list of wives, all with powers that Radovan has been carefully collecting. Askia has only one month to live. When the month is up, her powers will be taken by Radovan and she will be killed, just another wife that he took for himself. But Askia has never been the type of person to accept what life has in store for her. Instead, she knows that this month is her only chance to escape and to bring the empire down around her as she flees. And she’ll do whatever she can to bring Radovan down with her.

I received an advanced reading copy of The Seventh Queen in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: A Kingdom for a Stage

Jetta barely survived her last confrontation with the Aquitans. After they discovered what she could do, they tried to catch her, to turn her into their figurehead. Jetta rejected them, though. Now that the entire armée is after her, she has no choice but to hide with her father and her recently-resuscitated brother in the slums, hoping to someday be saved by the Tiger, the leader of the Chakran rebellion. But when a friendly face arrives and betrays her into the clutches of Theodora and Xavier, the two heads of the Aquitan army, there’s only so long Jetta can survive.

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Review: Greythorne

Aurelia had thought she’d won. She’d thought everything was going to be OK. Of course, that was before her love, Zan, drowned in a shipwreck. That was before her eight-year-old brother tried to ascend the throne to his country and was forced to rule in exile. That was before her entire world came crumbling down. Now, she’s just trying to live her life with minimal pain, which is hard when her grief is lingering in her heart. But when her brother’s coronation is interrupted by a new enemy, Aurelia realizes she only has a short time before she loses even more than she already has. The fate of two kingdoms rests on her shoulders, and she has no choice but to face a destiny that has been meant for her since before she was born.

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Review: These Violent Delights

Juliette Cai left Shanghai years ago, but now is back and ready to take on more responsibilities as heir to the Scarlet Gang, a gang that effectively controls half the city of Shanghai. As for the other half of the city, it is controlled by the White Flowers, a Russian gang, led by the Montagovs. Their heir to the criminal empire is Roma, a boy with whom Juliette has an uncomfortable and dark history. The feud between both gangs fills the streets of Shanghai with blood, but when a mysterious disease makes an appearance, suddenly the streets are more dangerous than ever. With gangsters dying left and right, Juliette and Roma both find themselves searching for answers, and, you know what they say: two heads are better than one.

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Review: The Library of Fates

Amrita is the princess of Shalingar. Although she’s spent most of her life hidden away in the palace, one of her greatest dreams is to travel the world. That opportunity to travel arrives when Emperor Sikander stops at their little kingdom, planning to make Amrita his bride as part of a new treaty. And while Amrita wants to make her way into the world, something about this proposal doesn’t seem right to her. In fact, everything goes wrong very quickly, and soon Amrita has to flee the only home she’s ever known, and hope to find safety in a place that nobody has ever been able to reach before.

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Review: Sistersong

Riva, Keyne, and Sinne are all the king’s children, but they couldn’t be more different. Scarred from a fire, Riva doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to find someone to accept her as she is. Keyne is considered to be the king’s daughter, but knows that the word “daughter” doesn’t quite fit. All Sinne wants is to be swept away in a whirlwind romance like in one of the many stories she’s heard, but the reality is all she can do is flirt with the local boys. But their kingdom is threatened in multiple sides: the Saxons from without, and a priest with a new religion from within. When the land’s magic refuses to listen to them anymore, they no longer have any defense. How can they bring the magic back to protect their land?

I received a free copy of Sistersong in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: The Forgotten Book

Emma is just a regular girl at a boarding school. Sure, she’s sixteen, which means she’s almost an adult. She likes spending time with her friends, watching movies, and comforting her father whenever he becomes certain that he’s come down with some terrifying disease. Her regular life is upended, however, when two ex-students show up at the school, and Emma happens to find a mysterious little book, a little book with the power to make anything written in its pages come to life. With the little book by her side, Emma plans to make the school a better place for her and her friends, even if the magic of it sometimes doesn’t work out as planned. But as Emma continues to delve into the book, she begins to wonder if it could have anything to do with the disappearance of a student four years ago. And if so, how?

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