Review: Legendborn

All Bree wants is to get away. She wants to get away from home, where she feels like she’s suffocating in her and her father’s grief for her dead mother. She wants to get away from her memories of that awful night. She just wants to get away. When she’s accepted to a pre-college program, she thinks it’s the perfect solution. She can focus on her studies, and distract herself from the pain. All of that changes when she comes across a strange monster, and the strange warriors who hunt it, warriors who can use magic. All at once, Bree recognizes the magic as one that was used on her, and thinking it has a connection to her mother’s death, seeks to find answers. This mystery will lead her to infiltrating a secret society, learning about abilities she has buried deep inside, and to a boy who has a destiny greater than she could imagine.

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Review: Six of Crows

Ketterdam is home to some powerful merchants, but also a huge criminal underbelly. It’s the perfect place to turn a profit or lose your wallet, but this underbelly also turns out some of the craziest and most brilliant minds in the world. One of them happens to be Kaz, head of his own crew, and a notorious figure in Ketterdam’s dark corners. When Kaz is offered a fortune in exchange for breaking a prisoner out of an inescapable fortress, he jumps at the chance. He and his motley crew will face insurmountable odds, with only the tiniest chance of making it out alive, let alone victorious. Will they succeed?

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Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow

Casiopea Tun is a poor relation of a powerful family. Forced to work for her grandfather and the rest of her family, all in the hopes of eventually inheriting enough for her and her mother to survive, she bites her tongue and bears her lot, although inside she resists. When she opens a locked chest in her grandfather’s room, she accidentally releases a Mayan death god. Bound to him by supernatural means, she now has to help him regain his throne in the underworld, or fall with him.

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Review: More Than We Can Tell

Emma loves gaming. In fact, she loves it so much that she coded and created her own game, which other people play. But when a troll invades her game and starts sending her threatening messages, her safe space is no longer safe, and she has nobody to turn to. Nobody but the mysterious boy people from school call the grim reaper.

Rev wakes up one morning and finds a letter from his birth father in his mailbox. This is after Rev was rescued from him almost a decade earlier. With memories of his past trauma, he’s struggling. But when he runs into a girl who’s also having a hard time, he thinks he might be able to open up.

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Review: Starfish

Kiko’s one dream is to go to art school. It’s her one chance to get away from the small town where she and her brothers are the only ones who look different. They’re all half Japanese, and don’t feel like they belong in either world: Japanese or American. But when she gets rejected, and she’s doomed to spend the future with her mother in a house where she feels unwelcome and resented, she has no idea how to make it through the summer. Can she rescue her dreams and survive her family?

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Movie Review: Rebecca

And when times seem dark, Netflix blesses us with another movie adaptation of a book! This one of the classic Rebecca, which I have to admit I didn’t read until I heard about the movie coming out. And even then, it took me a while to get my hands on the book (there were hundreds of people on the waiting list!). But I finally got it, and then checked out the adaptation. So what did I think?

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Review: Girls of Storm and Shadow

Lei has escaped the palace with Wren, the one she truly loves. After their assassination attempt on the king, they know they have little time to try and get the world to change, to try and bring back equality. But what they don’t know is that the king still lives. When Lei left him, there was still the barest hint of life stirring within, life that was preserved and healed. Their timeline grows ever shorter, and Lei and Wren are going to have to find a way to unite the clans against the king before he regains full strength, and, more importantly, a way to stay together, no matter what. Continue reading “Review: Girls of Storm and Shadow”


ARC Review: The Way Back

Yehuda Leib and Bluma are two regular Jewish kids, living in Eastern Europe. But when they both encounter Death, they find themselves in the Far Country, one running from Death and one toward it. Can they survive the horde of demons that want to capture and use them?

I received an advanced reading copy of The Way Back in exchange for an honest review.

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