Review: Trickster’s Queen

Aly won the bet against Kyprioth, the trickster god, but her time in the islands was only beginning. The Balitang family is safe, mostly, but they won’t remain so for long. With the upheaval at court, and a new child-king on the throne, there are changes all around them. The raka are reaching their breaking point, and soon, they won’t hesitate to turn against the monarchs who have kept them subjugated for so long. Aly is helping this soon-to-be revolution in the only way she can, by being their expert spymaster. With her help, she knows she’ll be able to help the islands and bring them the loved queen that has been prophecized about. But with more enemies than ever, Aly has more foes to face. Can she help keep the queen-to-be alive long enough to set her on the throne?

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Review: Trickster’s Choice

Aly is the daughter of a legend, of Alanna the Lioness herself. Unfortunately, Aly is very unlike her warrior mother. Rather than being tempted to ride out onto a battlefield, fight against armies and monsters, Aly prefers to hide in the shadows. Having picked up several skills from her father, she’s a fairly decent spy, if anyone would give her a chance to prove it. Unfortunately, both her parents seem determined to stop her in her goal to be a spy, calling it too dangerous for her to do. But when Aly gets captured by pirates and taken to the islands across the sea, a trickster god makes a deal with her. If she can keep a family alive all summer, he’ll help her convince her father to finally give her a chance to be a real spy. Caught in the middle of a revolution waiting to happen, Aly finally has found a chance to put her skills to the test. The question is, will she succeed?

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Review: Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon

Anlei only seeks one thing: revenge. Almost every night, her village is besieged by strange shadow monsters, thirsting for violence but notoriously difficult to kill. After Anlei witnesses one of these strange creatures murder her father, her only goal is to find this creature and destroy it, once and for all. But she must put her revenge aside when the opportunity to save her entire village comes knocking. The viceroy will protect all the people she cares about, as long as she marries him and brings him the River Pearl, which her village has safeguarded for years. The day before their wedding, the pearl is stolen, and Anlei knows that the viceroy won’t protect her village without it. Can Anlei get the pearl back from the mysterious and handsome thief who took it from her?

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Review: Labyrinth Lost

Alex never wanted to be a witch, but since when do the Deos do what she wants? All magic has ever done is harm her family, and now, it turns out that she’s been given the heaviest load of magic her family has ever seen for generations. And all she wants to do is give it back to the gods that cursed her with it. But when the spell to send the magic back to the gods ends up vanishing Alex’s entire family instead, she must team up with the mysterious Nova and all his secrets, and go into another world to find them and bring them back.

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ARC Review: Like a Love Song

Natalie is the newest pop star sensation! Originally from Brazil, she’s managed to make it big in the United States, and couldn’t be happier about her fame and her music. But when her boyfriend dumps her live on television, her reputation is ruined. To save her from the scandal, her PR agency comes up with the perfect solution: find her a new boyfriend! A new fake boyfriend, of course. And luckily, there’s a new young actor visiting from England, William. This indie actor couldn’t be further from the guy that Natalie was expecting, but now they’re under contract. Make the world believe they’re in love, or lose their fame. The only problem is, Natalie is starting to buy into the lie herself.

I received an advanced reading copy of Like a Love Song in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: The Selection

All America wants to do is marry Aspen, her boyfriend of two years. But he’s a Six, while she’s a Five. It’s not unthinkable, but it is difficult, especially when he starts to worry about what little he can give her. When he breaks up with her, America is heartbroken. But then her life changes overnight when she is chosen to be a part of the Selection, a televised contest of 35 young women, all fighting for the young Prince Maxon’s hand. America has no interest in being there, heartbroken as she is, but perhaps Maxon is more than the stuck-up prince she assumed he was.

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Review: The Tenth Power

Calwyn has lost her magic, and at the worst time too. The entire land is being ravaged by a sickness, a sickness that only affects Chanters, and a sickness that Darrow has come down with. Not only that, but people are becoming upset and angry. They’re looking for someone to blame for their problems, and they’re willing to kill to try and get revenge. But Calwyn now has no ability to stop it. Before, she was so close to being the Singer of All Songs, but now with all her magic lost, she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Will she be strong enough to save Tremaris?

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Review: The Waterless Sea

With Samis dead, Calwyn and her friends have a new goal in mind. First, they’ll free as many trapped Chanters as they can, taking them to live peacefully on an island until Tremaris is ready for them. While rescuing trapped Chanters, however, Calwyn and company run into a man who tells them about two children he knows, Chanters of Iron both, who have been captured in the Empire of Merithuros, found in the middle of a great desert. Desperate to save these and the many other children who have been captured, Calwyn will have to travel to the middle of the desert, and soon learn that the evils of this land go much deeper than just the kidnapping of children.

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