Review: For a Muse of Fire

Jetta is a shadow player. She and her parents travel everywhere and put on plays with puppets. But Jetta has more than a few secrets. Not only does she struggle with a specific “malheur,” but she controls her puppets by using forbidden magic and binding spirits to them, bending them to her will. Persecuted for her abilities, and knowing her cure lies in the heart of the enemy city, she will do anything to survive. Continue reading “Review: For a Muse of Fire”


ARC Review: The Things She’s Seen

Beth Teller has been dead for a while, but she can’t bring herself to leave her dad. Her dad, a detective, is having a hard time moving on, but Beth is determined to bring him back to where he was before he died. They’ve now been called to investigate a small town fire, which is not exactly what it seems. And how is Isobel Catching, an aboriginal girl who was found nearby, involved with everything? And how come she can see Beth?

I got a free copy of The Things She’s Seen in exchange for an honest review. Continue reading “ARC Review: The Things She’s Seen”


Review: To Kill a Kingdom

Lira is a siren, daughter of the Queen. Since she was twelve, she’s been taking the hearts of human princes, one a year, as is demanded of her. Elian is a human, prince of Midas, but all he really wants to do is hunt sirens with his makeshift crew and make the world safer for the other humans. When Lira sets her sight on his heart for her collection, their worlds will collide in the most unexpected of ways. Continue reading “Review: To Kill a Kingdom”